Jackson Falls Historic District

The Jackson Falls Historic District was recognized by the National Registry of Historic Places in March 2003. The application for historic registration was prepared by Lisa Mausolf. The descriptive text in this section is adapted from her work. Below is a map of the district showing the major contributing buildings. Click on the links below the map for more information about the major buildings making up the district.


Brief Description

Wentworth Castle

Begun in 1891. Designed by New York architect William A. Bates

Pratt House and The Parsonage

Houses dating from about 1900 across the street from the Wentworth Resort

Wentworth Hall

Main building of the Wentworth Resort. Built 1882-83. Designed by William A. Bates

Thorneycroft, Arden, Sunnyside and Wildwood Cottages

The Wentworth Cottages on Route 16B.

Fairlawn and Amster Cottages

The Wentworth Cottages on Route 16A

The Jackson Community Church

Built in 1846-47. The second church in Jackson

The Jackson Public Library

Built in 1901. Designed by William Ralph Emerson

The Jackson Grammar School and Tricky Barn

The Grammar School was built in 1860 with additions in 1910 and 1991

The Jackson Town Hall

Built in 1879 and still in use for town meetings and other events