Jackson Old Library

Mission Statement for Old Library Trust

To further the preservation, conservation and improvement of the Jackson Old Library building, currently located at 125 Main Street in Jackson, New Hampshire, through the raising of funds by contributions, donations, membership subscription, grants, events and direct appeal for funds and to educate, promote and encourage public interest in use of the building.

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The Jackson Library building was open to the public on August 1, 1901 and used as the Jackson Library from August 1901 until November 2010, when the library moved to its new location. The building was designed by the famed Boston architect William Ralph Emerson and is much beloved by the Jackson residents and visitors to the Mountain Washington Valley. The building is on the National Register of Historical Buildings. See the link above for more information on history of the Jackson Library.

The building is now available for public use for social, cultural or educational events sponsored by Jackson residents and/or community groups.

If you would like to use the building, please review the GUIDELINES AND FEE SCHEDULE FOR USE OF THE OLD LIBRARY and the APPLICATION FOR USE OF OLD JACKSON LIBRARY,  available from the Town Administrator or from the links above.

Please note that the building:

  • is a Jackson-town owned building but is located on property owned by the Protestant Chapel Association.
  • has two main rooms and one small restroom for total of approximately 700 square feet (Max. occupancy 25).
  • is not ADA compliant.
  • has A NEW restroom - Thank you to all for your support
  • is heated.

Old Library Management Committee Members

Name Title
Alicia M. Hawkes Member (April 1, 2026)
Barbara Theriault Member (April 1, 2026)
Eleanor Speirs Member (April 1, 2026)
Marilyn Rodes Member (April 1, 2026)