Trustees of Trust Funds

Board Members

Board Members

Name Title
Chris McAleer Treasurer (2022)
Dan Andrews Clerk (2023)
Helene Matesky Chairman (2024)

There are three Trustees of Trust Funds who are elected by popular vote of the town, each one serving for three years on staggered terms. One alternate member is appointed each year. The current Trustees are listed above.

The Trustees report to the NH Attorney General's office and are fully independent of the Selectmen. The legal role of the Trustees is to manage (make deposits, maintain investments, and issue disbursements) the many funds that are held in reserve by the town.

These include bequests that have been given to the town for specific purposes (such as maintaining the Jackson Falls) as well as funds that have been set aside by  Warrant Articles at  voted on at Town Meeting; to accrue for future expenses or purchases (such as the police cruiser). They also manage funds related to the Jackson School District, the Jackson Library, the Old Library Committee and the Jackson Water Precinct. A full listing of all of the funds can be found in the annual town report.

The NH Attorney General's office specifies that Trustees must meet in public at least once a year in order to elect officers for the upcoming year and to review, revise and approve an Investment Policy. In addition, all withdrawal requests and other public business of the Trustees of the Trust Fund must be done at a public meeting. This includes discussion and approval of the content of the annual MS9 report identifying all transactions for the trusts each year.

Past files for the trusts are stored in the town office basement. Current active files and records are held by the Treasurer of the Trust Funds and are available for review upon request.