Facilities Committee

Jackson Facilities Resident Survey - Nov 30th deadline


At the March 2022 Jackson Town Meeting the voters approved:Article 9 Facilities Committee to raise $25,000 for the purpose of forming a Facilities Committee to explore the needs of all Town Buildings and Facilities.

Co-Chaired by Jackson School Board Chair, Genn Anzaldi and Selectman Barbara Campbell the committee consists of Jackson residents who are volunteering their time.  Members are: Joyce Allan, Joan Aubrey, Dick Bennett, Emily Benson, David Campbell, Kathleen Flammia, Tish Hanlon, Alicia Hawkes, Lori Keenan,  Sarah Kimball, Ginger Perkins, Jennifer Pribble, Lichen Rancourt, Marilyn Rodes, Susan Ross Parent, Ellie Spiers, Bill Terry, Linda Terry, Linda Tierney, Barbara Theriault, Alison Verran and Stephen Weeder.

The mission of the Facilities Committee is to, “educate the community, taxpayers and residents about the Town of Jackson’s public facilities in order to determine the highest and best use of existing facilities as well as consideration for facilities which may be needed in the future.”