Cemetery Trustees

Board Members

Board Members

Name Title
Barbara Theriault Trustee (2026)
Lee Phillips Chair (2024)
Alicia M. Hawkes Trustee (2025)

Rules and Regulations for Jackson Village Cemetery and Dundee Cemetery

Two cemeteries are maintained by the Town for the following:

     1.   Current residents

     2.   Non-resident immediate family members of current residents

     3.   Non-resident members of families with currently assigned grave sites.


Interments shall be undertaken only with authorization of the Trustees of Cemeteries and the assignment of a numbered grave site (lot).  Interments shall only be performed by funeral directors and/or their designated contractors.  Each interment shall be made enclosed within a permanent container or receptacle of concrete or steel.  Only one interment shall be made in a grave site, except that cremated bodies in suitable containers may be interred in a site already occupied, or between two occupied sites assigned to the same family.

Monuments and Markers

It is a requirement that a permanent headstone or footstone be placed for each individual within one year after interment properly establishing his/her identity.

Only one central or family monument shall be permitted on any assigned area of contiguous lots or an individual non-contiguous lot.

              a.  A “monument” is a stone which extends above the ground which is intended to commemorate all persons buried in the lot.

              b.  A “headstone”, “footstone”, or “marker” is a stone which is set flush with the ground and which marks one grave.  No stonework, other than a monument, shall extend above the ground level.

Corner markers with the incised first letter of the family name shall be installed at the inside corners of any assigned area of more than two contiguous lots, or the area may be bordered by continuous stone set flush in the ground.  Corner markers require no permanent foundation.

All monuments, headstones, footstones and grave markers shall be set in a concrete bedding sufficient to maintain location without settling.  Persons engaged in the installation of all monuments, headstones, footstones, and markers shall not damage any existing stones, trees, or shrubs, etc.; shall remove all materials and debris used in the job from the grounds, and shall restore the ground and sod to the original condition.

Cemetery Care and Maintenance

For each lot a sum of $100.00 shall be provided at the time of assignment.  Such monies received are for care and maintenance, and shall be held in Trust and invested by the Town’s Trustee of Trust Funds as provided by law.  No part of the Trust principal shall be expended. The care provided by the Trust shall be limited to the income received from this Trust.  Any surplus income from the fund not required for the care of the individual lots shall be available to the Cemetery Trustees for general upkeep of the cemeteries. 

Care and maintenance shall mean the cutting of grass and the repair of any stones which have become broken.  It does not include the replacement of worn or defaced stones or the excavation and/or replacement of interments which have settled or collapsed.

Adornment: no toys, cans, bottles, plastic decorations, balloons, etc. are permitted in the cemeteries. The Town reserves the right to remove, without notice, any such item for ease of maintenance and proper appearance.

Pets:  Anyone visiting the cemeteries with pets shall clean up after them before leaving.


Records pertaining to the Town Cemeteries are available for viewing on-line at the Jackson Village web site, or by contacting one of the Cemetery Trustees.                                                                                            

October, 2018

 By Trustees:  Alicia Hawkes, Lee Phillips, Barbara Theriault