The Jackson Grammar School and Tricky Barn

The Jackson Grammar School, c1860, additions c1910 and 1991

In 1860 Joseph B. Trickey sold a ¼ acre piece of land, part of his homestead farm, to School District No. 1 for the construction of a schoolhouse. Located at the corner of Rt. 16B and Thorn Mountain Road, the Jackson Grammar School is a clapboarded structure that has seen several additions over the years.

The oldest portion of the building is the 1 ½-story gable-front section to the south. Behind the original building a taller and slightly wider 1 ½-story, gable-roofed addition, probably dating to the early 20th century, emerges at right angles to the older structure. A single-story connector links the old school to a large, new wing constructed in 1991.

Trickey BarnTrickey Barn, 1858

In 1858 Joshua B. Trickey built and opened the Jackson Falls House, Jackson’s first and, for some years, its only hotel. The barn is all that remains of the hotel complex.

The barn was dismantled in 2008 and reerected in 2009 and 2010 on the Gray's Inn property near the town office to serve as the Jackson Public Library.