Fairlawn and Amster Cottages

Fairlawn Cottage

Fairlawn Cottage, c1920

Fairlawn Cottage is located on the south side of Rt. 16A, opposite Wentworth Hall and adjacent to the Jackson Community Church. Fairlawn cottage was built during the 1920s as a group annex after General Wentworth’s death but essentially completing his concept of a miniature cottage city. Fairlawn Cottage contains twelve units.

Amster Cottage, c1920

Amster Cottage is located to the west of Fairlawn Cottage, set back from the road and largely surrounded by a grove of pine trees. Amster Cottage was constructed in the 1920s, during the ownership of Nathan and Estelle Amster, as a group annex, along with Fairlawn Cottage, for the Wentworth Hall complex. It was renovated in 1999-2000.

Amster Cottage