Conservation Commission

Commission Members

Board Members

Name Title
Thomas Seidel Member (2024)
Brian Byrne Vice-Chair (2024)
Jeff Sires Chair (2022)
Mike Dufilho Member (2023)
Pam Smillie Secretary (2023)
Ben Halcyon Member (2023)
Ken Kimball Member (2022)
Richard Bennett Alternate Member (2024)

The purpose of the Conservation Commission is to protect the town's natural resources and maintain and improve environmental quality. By statute, the Commission is responsible for the conservation of natural resources in the Town of Jackson. The Commission's duties include keeping an index of all open areas, including wetlands, and conducting research into the possible use or proposed use of open spaces.

The Commission reviews dredge and fill permits, participates in a voluntary water quality monitoring program organized by the state, reports to the Board of Selectmen on issues related to the Wildcat River Management Plan, and helps educate the public on environmental and conservation issues.