School Board

Board Members

Board Members

Name Title
Jerry Dougherty Vice Chair (2022)
Genn Anzaldi Chair (2023)
Sasha Tracy Moderator (2021)
Christine Thompson Treasurer (2021)
Majka Burhardt Member (2024)
Darlene Ference Member (2023)
Kate Fournier Member (2024)

The SAU 9 Committee consists of all five members. The Chairman serves on the Executive SAU Board.

The Jackson Grammar School is located in the center of town at the corner of Switchback Way and Black Mountain Road (previously known as Thorn Mountain Road and Route 16B). The older part of the building dates back to 1860 when Joseph B. Trickey sold one quarter of an acre of his homestead farm to School District number 1 for the construction of a schoolhouse. Additions were made to the original clapboard structure around 1910, in 1991 and again in 2008.

Gayle Dembowski  is principal of Jackson Grammer School, (603) 383 - 6861. The school  is part of School Administrative Unit-9 (SAU #9), (603) 447-3626. Kevin Richard is Superintendent of Schools. Anyone wishing to contact School Board Members may leave a message for them at the school or contact them directly at home.

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