Pratt House and The Parsonage

Pratt House, c1900

This house, also known as "Falls Cottage,” was constructed by the owners of Wentworth Hall about 1900 for James Pratt, the hotel chauffeur. It is believed that Jackson contractor Andrew Harriman may have also acted as the contractor for his house, as well as other Wentworth Hall structures. Roderick and Virginia MacDonald sold the property to Robert and Joanne Derrah in 1991.

The Barn

Across the street and down the hill a bit is a barn that originally served as the stable housing the town hearse. It was moved to its present site in 1934 to serve as the Church Barn, replacing an older barn on the site that was removed at that time. It is also owned by Robert and Joanne Derrah.

The ParsonageThe Parsonage, 1911

The present building, a former parsonage, occupies the site of an earlier parsonage building. In 1911 the earlier parsonage building was sold at public auction and the building was removed “above the stonework” by an unknown buyer. Construction of a new parsonage building was funded by public donations of about $5,100 in cash, pledges and labor. The bulk of the donations came from Mrs. Jane Brown, solicited by M.C. Wentworth. The original land parcel was augmented by a land gift from the Wentworth's.

Town Reports indicate that in the 1930s the Town paid to paint and repair the parsonage. In 1964 after the church purchased the Meserve property on Mill Street for use as a parsonage, this building began to be utilized as a parish house. The large front room on the first floor was used by a pastor’s wife as an ice cream parlor. In 1983 the parish house addition was constructed at the rear of the church and the Protestant Chapel Association sold this building to Richard O’Connell. Leslie deB. Schomaker purchased it in 1996.