Emergency Management

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Emily Benson Emergency Management Director (603) 383-4223

Tribute to Tom Greig who passed away May 3rd 2020

The Office of Emergency Management for the Town of Jackson is a small piece of the overall public safety management within the town. Working with the Selectmen, police and fire departments and Bartlett-Jackson Ambulance, the Office helps pre-plan any major disaster or event that has the potential to quickly overwhelm the Town's resources. We work closely with the the State of New Hampshire Office of Emergency Management (NHOEM) to develop the Town's Emergency Management Plan, which will be available for review at the Town offices pending it's final revisions. NHOEM also works to keep the Town officials and public safety personnel up to date on all topics related to emergency/disaster planning and response. This includes mailing, trainnings and meetings with other regional and state resources as well as providing the outlet for information from Federal authorities. This covers topics ranging from Small Pox to Hazardous Material spills to weapons of mass destruction.

At this point in time, it is belived that Jackson is a very unlikely target for any intentional attack that would result in a large scale disaster situation. None-the-less, we have dedicated time and resources towards planning for the remote possibility of such an event in order to effectively manage our resources and ensure public safety. We feel it is much more likely that an accidental situation might arise in which all our resources would be required. An example would be a tanker-truck accident involving toxic, hazardous materials spillage or contamination along Route 16. Given truck traffic through the Notch, this is a realistic possibility. In addition, we feel a large scale weather event such as a major ice storm or wind-fall event could create disaster-like conditions.

The Town of Jackson is indeed a small New England town. In the event of a major disaster or incident, we would need to rely heavily on regional, State and Federal resources to best manage the incident and ensure public health and safety. Please know that all Town resources are prepared to do their very best when called upon to serve the public of the Town of Jackson. Emergency Management will continue to grow and adapt to the Town's needs and the ever-changing global situation.