Fire Permits

Fire Permits for outside burning: 

Fire permits are required for outside burning. The Town of Jackson now has the ability to issue fire permits online.  To obtain the online permit, please go to or you may contact road Agent, Pat Kelley at the Highway Garage (56 Main St.) Monday through Thursday 7:30am – 3:00pm. You may call 603.348.4001 or they can also be obtained through the Fire Warden, Ken Crowther by calling 603.986.6111

What is available:  

Category I is for a one day or a seasonal permit.  This is small 24” or less sized fire in a ring, like a camp fire.  It must be a min of 25’ from any structure.  

Category II is for one day or a seasonal permit.  That is up to 48" in diameter in a ring such as a camp or cooking fire.  It must be a min of 50’ from any structure.  

Category III is available on-line but only for a maximum of two days.  The Category III CAN be written out for up to seven days as long as the warden sees it’s safe.  For that extended time permit we would ask you get a written permit directly from Pat or Ken.  All fire permits may be personally inspected and checked to make sure things are safe.  

You may burn a Category 1 fire any time during day or night with a permit.  

All other fires must be between the hours of 5pm-9am with a permit. 

If it is raining you may burn anytime day or night, but still need a permit.  The definition of rain is “sustained precipitation that is actively occurring of sufficient intensity and duration so as to prevent the fire from spreading in woodland fuels” from NHDFL flyer.

Remember there is no wood greater than five inches allowed to burn in any outside fire.