Sign up for the Good Morning Project

Good Morning Jackson!  
Living independently is a goal we all share, especially when we get older. However, no matter how capable we may be, it never hurts to have some help. 
The Jackson Police Department, in cooperation with the Carroll County Sheriff's office, has a program that provides daily check ins with seniors living independently.  
The program, called the "Good Morning Project", connects seniors with public safety personnel  each morning between 6am and 10am to ensure safety and wellness.  Whether a phone call or a personal visit from a member of the Jackson Police Department,  every effort is made to ensure that your safety and your independence continue for years to come. 
If you or a family member would like to register for this valuable program, or learn more about it, please call the Jackson Police Department at 383-9292 for more information.  Your safety is our top priority!
Chief Chris Perley 
Jackson Police Department