PD Warning re Rental Scams

Good Morning Jackson!

The fall foliage season brings a lot of "leaf-peepers" to our beautiful Valley.  Often they are seeking short term lodging for their stays.  The popularity of VRBO's and Craigslist rentals have increased along with the potential for scams.  These on-line internet transactions, are the perfect platform for scam artists. 

We have recently received an up-tick in reports of rentals that are fraudulent both in and around the town of Jackson. Residents from Jackson don't often rent homes in Jackson but you could still become a victim.  Your home could be listed as a rental, a deposit taken, and strangers unwittingly show up expecting to spend the weekend!  This can cause conflict and confusion for everyone. 

 The best way to ensure you are not a victim is take a moment and search rental sites like Craigslist and VRBO's to see if your home is listed.  If you didn't post it, contact the website moderators and the police immediately!  Most complaints are resolved swiftly by pulling the ad.  If you have any questions or think you have been scammed please don't hesitate to contact the Jackson Police department, we're here to help.


Chief Chris Perley

Jackson Police Department