Planning Board

Board Members

Board Members

Name Title
William Terry Regular Member, Chair (2019)
Scott Badger Regular Member, Vice-Chair (2020)
Betsey Harding Regular Member, Secretary (2019)
Richard Bennett Regular Member, Selectmen's Rep (2021)
Sarah Kimball Regular Member (2020)
Kathleen Dougherty Regular Member (2019)
Chris McAleer Regular Member (2021)
Huntley Allan Alternate Member (2021)
Vacant Seat Alternate Member (2020)
Vacant Seat Alternate Member (2020)
Vacant Seat Alternate Member (2019)
Vacant Seat Alternate Member (2021)

Planning Board members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen for a term of 3 years. The duties of the Planning Board are as stated in New Hampshire's Revised Statutes Annotated, 674:1, and in the Jackson Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations. Stated briefly, they include:

  1. Prepare, adopt and amend a Master Plan to guide the development of the municipality.
  2. Report and recommend to appropriate public officials and agencies programs for the development of the municipality, for the erection of public structures, and for municipal improvements (including a Capital Improvements Program).
  3. Recommend to the local legislative body (e.g., for a vote at Town Meeting) the adoption of a zoning ordinance and amendments to the zoning ordinance.
  4. Review subdivision proposals to ensure compliance with existing regulations.
  5. Review land development proposals as required to meet the intent of the Jackson Zoning Ordinance.

Planning Board Appeals - Certain appeals from decisions of the Planning Board go directly to the Superior Court, while appeals from Planning Board decisions based solely on the zoning ordinance are made to the Jackson Board of Adjustment (ZBA). RSA 677:15, RSA 676:5, III, See Appeals of Planning Board Decisions above for more details.

Click here for a copy of the state planning board manual, The Planning Board in New Hampshire.