Fire Dept Open House: Considerations for Growth and Expansion

Jackson Fire Department is hosting an OPEN HOUSE on Tuesday January 28, 2020 from 4:30pm-7:30pm at the Firehouse, 58 Main Street, for the community to meet our volunteers, tour our current fire house, ask questions and give us your input.

History of the Jackson Fire Department Station:
1947: Original 3-bay Fire/highway building erected
1960’s Additional Highway Bays added
1983: 2nd story and Extra height in Bays added
2007: 4th Bay added

Considerations for Growth and Expansion:
The building is in need of significant structural upgrade and repairs
Equipment changes, Fire standards and building code requirements dictate upgrades
Additional space is needed for more crew and expanding service
Some needs to be addressed: truck size, ADA compliance, decontamination room, sprinklers, storage, exhaust, building materials. 

Our Choices:
Commence a feasibility study and work toward building a new station/new building  OR
Hire an architect and renovate the existing station/building
Why we want you to come to our OPEN HOUSE:
Learn how the station operates; look at our equipment and vehicles Fully understand our needs, standards and work in the community
SHARE your input, questions and comments regarding the project and funding

There will be discussion at the Town Budget Hearings (1/21/20 & 2/4/20) regarding a warrant article requested by the Fire Department in the amount of $30,000 for either a feasibility study for a new building or initial architectural plans for a renovation of the existing building pending a decision by FD planning committee. 

At the March 12, 2020 Jackson Town Meeting the Town will vote on the Warrant Article presented by the Fire Department for funds. If the warrant article is passed, the committee will decide, based on input from town and other factors, whether to use these funds for a feasibility study or an architectural plan.