Auto Registration

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Motor Vehicle Registration

Vehicles New to the Owner(s) - Registrants holding clear title to a vehicle must submit the original title or certificate of origin to the Town clerk who prepares the New Hampshire title application and registration. Taxes and applicable fees are due and payable to the Town Clerk at the time of application.

New Residents - New residents to the state are required to register their vehicles and obtain a New Hampshire driver's license within sixty (60) days. If the title is held by a lien holder, obtain a copy of the title from the lien holder to process a NH title application.

Change of Address - residents must notify the Motor Vehicle Department of their new address within ten (10) days of a change. Forms are available at the State Website. Several other actions also require you to fill out a form which we submit to the state. These are available on the state website for you to download, complete and bring into the office or mail with your renewal (some restrictions apply – call the town office at 383-6248 to be sure you don’t need to come in in person)

The local portion of a vehicle registration done by the Town Clerk where an applicant resides, is called a permit. The permit portion must be done with the local clerk before the state portion can be done. The completed form is then called the registration. Taxes on the vehicle are calculated based on the list price of the vehicle when it was new ( without options).

There are three types of registrations which may be handled by the Town Clerk.

  1. Renewals are due in the birth month of the primary owner  - You will need the current registration or mail reminder you received from this office along with one check or cash. Can be done:
    • By mail (send in the mail reminder or a copy of your old registration, one check and a self-addressed & stamped envelope.)
    • Online (information provided in the mail reminder.)
    • In person (bring in the old registration or the mail reminder, and one check or cash)
  2. Transfer of plates from one vehicle to another – generally done at time of purchase or renewal. You will need the registration for the vehicle you are transferring the plates from or signed Plate Release Form if plates are currently held by another person. Be sure to get/keep the plates & decals from the old vehicle. Must be done in person at the town office.
  3. New registration – generally done when you acquire a new vehicle and are not transferring plates.
    • Once the title application is complete, then we can issue plates to you. Reference “License Plates” below for your plate options.
    • To get a title for a vehicle you have just received (New Vehicle - New owner = new title)
      • Bring in title application from dealer if purchased in NH, or
      • Certificate of Origin if purchased out of state, or
      • Back of Title with transfer signatures and odometer filled in (normally you don’t check any of the boxes if you know the true reading)
      • Must be done in person at the town office and there is a $25 state fee if not initiated at a dealership and a $2 local fee.

License Plates - Standard 7 digit plates, "Moose" or conservation plates, motorcycle, trailer,  and tractor/agricultural plates are all available at the Office of the Town Clerk. Initial (vanity) plates and initial Moose plates for autos and motorcycles may be ordered at the Town Clerk's Office. To view if an initial plate is available, search using the State Initial Plate Search tool.

Motor Vehicle Inspection - On a newly registered vehicle, State inspections are required within ten (10) days after the registration is processed. Vehicles being renewed must have an inspection during their renewal month. (There is a 10 day grace period into the following month.)

Driver's Licenses - Drivers in New Hampshire must be at least 18 years old unless they have completed a driver’s education class. Any driver under 18 may be licensed after reaching age 16 by presenting a certificate for successful completion of a driver’s education class and fulfilling other application requirements outlined at the link above. General driver license information and how to renew online is also available by clicking here.

Motorcycle and Recreational Vehicle Inspection Deadline - July 1st of each year

Without regard for the owner’s birth date or registration month, all motorcycles, to include antique motorcycles, and recreational vehicles must be inspected by July 1st of each year.

A recreational vehicle is a self propelled or towed vehicle that is equipped to serve as temporary living quarters for recreational, camping or travel purposes and is used solely as a family or personal conveyance.