Traveling on Vacation

Safety Tip: Nothing can spoil a good time more than getting into an accident. The experience can be even worse if you are on vacation and a long way from home.

Even the most minor vehicle mishap can cause a major inconvenience to a traveler. The following are some safety tips:

  1. If you are lost and need to read a map or your GPS, pull off the road in a safe place in order to do so.
  2. If you are sightseeing and you want to spend time photographing or just looking longer, pull completely off the road in a safe place.
  3. If you miss your destination/turn/exit, keep driving until there is a safe place to turn around and return to the location. Do not back up in the road, slam on your breaks or try to make a last minute hurried turn.
  4. Pay attention to speed limits and other various signs. Heed parking signs and parking bans. These signs are posted in the interest of public safety and are enforced. If the parking space you desire is not open, do not make your own.