Speed Limits and Children's Safety

Good Morning Jackson!
     Recently, a good deal of public discussion has been had regarding speed and the safety of children and pedestrians on Green Hill Road.  These are important topics.  As always, traffic laws and the reduction of vehicle/pedestrian conflicts is paramount here at the Police Department.  Through these discussions, and a review of applicable laws, a few steps will be taken in the near future to help ensure everyone, "Arrives Alive!

  1.  Green Hill Road, by statutory authority, is a 35 mile  hour roadway.  This however is not an absolute, and under some circumstances, slower speed would be prudent (icy roads, kids riding bikes, etc.)  In the near future speed limit signs will be posted reminding drivers that 35 is the MAXIMUM limit on that roadway.
  2. The Jackson Police Department, in an on-going effort to provide safety for all, will be conducting random and unannounced patrols, specifically for speed enforcement, in that area.  Here's a little "PRO-TIP", nobody ever got a ticket from us by going slower than the speed limit (wink-wink!)
  3.  Due to an increased child population on Green Hill Road, "Children at Play" signage will also be deployed, along with the speed signs.  When pedestrians and children are on or near the roadway, it is an "aggravating factor".  These factors are used in determining whether or not a summons should be issued.  Drivers have a primary duty to care when around pedestrians!  Yield the right of way and SLOW DOWN!

     There are additional ways we can all be safer too.  Wear bright colors when walking, especially at night.  Use flashlights and or headlamps to illuminate yourself and your path.  Keep pets on a leash at all times when walking on a road.  Encourage children to look both ways when crossing and understand that the roadway is not a playground!  Homeowners can also purchase "Children Playing" warning displays like the Step2Kid Alert!, ($29.50 at Walmart.com) This is a stand alone sign, warning motorists that children are at play in a specific area.  These can be effective devices as they are placed near the roadway at the end of a driveway where kids are likely to wander.
     Speeding complaints in any community are nothing new.  With effort on everyone's part, we can prevent needless tragedy and keep Jackson safe!
Chief Chris Perley
Jackson lice Department