Helpful Tips from JPD

Good Morning Jackson,

As the last golden rays of summer fade,  and the leaves of fall begin to turn, we all face new challenges on the road.  Here are a few helpful tips to keep you safe and on the road this autumn.
SCHOOL'S BACK IN SESSION.  You will see more early morning traffic in town as well as more pedestrian traffic in and around the school zone.  Kids will be out and about waiting for buses, walking to school or riding bikes.  Slow down and be alert for these new traffic patterns. School buses will also be making stops or appearing in areas you are unaccustomed to on local roads. Steep fines and penalties are associated with school bus violations so always stop when approaching a bus that is either displaying red lights or preparing to load or unload passengers.  Give Kids and Buses a Brake!
LESS AND LESS DAYLIGHT.  Fall Driving means less daylight, usually during key commuter times.  Your ability to see hazards and react in time can be substantially reduced.  Good fall driving habits include using driving lights during dawn and dusk driving, and reducing speed. Using driving lights can increase your visibility to others by as much as 70 percent!  Also, slowing your speed will give you much more time to react to hazards.  Lights On and Slow Down!
LOW ANGLE SUN.  In the fall the, Sun is substantially lower in the sky at sunrise and sunset.  Low angle sun, and it's blinding glare is a key factor in most fall accidents.  It can catch you by surprise and temporarily blind you.  If you can't see, you can't drive safely.  Smart fall drivers use their sunshade while driving and have sunglasses on when appropriate.  Remember, when driving this time of year, Prepare for Glare! 
As we all begin to enjoy the best of the harvest season, please remember a few of these helpful hints and drive safely.
Regards Chief Chris Perley 
Jackson Police Department