Better Assessment Program

At the April 2002 Annual Jackson Water Precinct meeting a Betterment Assessment Program was discussed. After thoroughly researching other water system policies, the Jackson Water Precinct adopted a Betterment Assessment Program at the September 9, 2002 regularly scheduled meeting.

The Water Supply Betterment Assessment Fee (sometimes referred to as a connection fee) was adopted to help defray the cost of additions and/or improvements to the water system. This fee is standard to the industry and is comparable with other municipal systems in the surrounding areas.

The fee is to be imposed on any owner within the water precinct engaging in new construction, addition and/or changes in the use of the property which may reasonably be expected to increase the current or prospective use of the precinct water supply system. For assessment purposes, an application is required by the property owner with their application for a building permit and/or prior to construction.

The precinct commissioners will review and approve this application, then assess a fee if applicable. The fee structure is based upon points and this information is available to all members of the Jackson Water Precinct.