Supervisor of Checklist Needed

The Town of Jackson is looking for someone who would be a good addition to the Supervisor of the Checklist group of three individuals.
Bobbie Meserve and Jeanette Heidmann are the two other current supervisors.  Joan Aubrey has been a supervisor for 10 years and has stepped down in her official capacity but is available to advise.
What are the duties?  As an example: We meet prior to every election to approve and register new voters to town.  We are in session every election (town, state, federal) day and are responsible to report back to the state, through the state software – called Election Net -  the results as to who voted and were they absentee.  When in an official session like the two examples just listed, we also review for people who may have moved out of town or died so they can be removed from our active list.  We notify other states when voters move into Jackson who list a prior place of registration.  We try to meet and accomplish everything at those times when we are required by Statue to meet so there aren’t any extra meetings.
All of our actions are governed by RSAs and the Secretary of State’s office is VERY patient and helpful when we have questions and they provide very good directions, email updates.  We all recently attended training in Gorham to go over the new registration forms and processes.
We try to break out the “primary responsibilities” among the three of us.  For example, one person would be responsible for placing the required notices of our meetings in the Conway Daily Sun and E-News, another would gather all the materials needed when we are in session at the Whitney Center such as the computer, printer and some forms and files.
Primary elections, which we have this year for the mid-term elections, requires some detailed reporting but prior planning and some handy spreadsheets make the job go easier.  During a slow year like next year, we only meet for the town elections.  During a presidential election year, (2020) we have multiple elections.  We get lots of help from the clerk’s office and there are good resources to refer to.  There is some optional but recommended training by the state on the computer system for anyone new or requiring an update.  After the optional training we don’t have to meet again till June of 2018.  The calendar is published a year ahead by the secretary of state’s office and if one of us happens to be out of town on a required meeting date, the other two can still hold the meeting.
So the time commitment is relatively light, except for those times when you have to meet.  It really varies by year.  This is an important responsibility so we are looking for someone with good computer skills and attention to detail. If you are interested or know of someone who might be, please consider joining us.  Contact Jeanette at 603-733-7733 with questions.
Jeanette Heidmann
603-733-7733 (cell)