Police Warning re House Break-ins

Good Morning Jackson!  I recently received some police information regarding house breaks and home theft scams in the north country.  The intelligence suggests that male and female teams are approaching residents and posing as Eversource or Verizon technicians.  They ask to gain entry into the home in order to "check" some technical glitch.  Once inside, they are either casing the home for a later burglary attempt or stealing items of value.  The person(s) involved are working in teams of male/male and female/female.  

This is an all to common ruse, where one scammer will occupy the homeowner while the other thief works through the home looking for cash, jewelry and sadly, ransack your medicine cabinet for narcotics.

Remember, be alert for these types of criminals.  They are slick and persistent if they think they can make an easy target of you and your property.  If a service technician shows up unannounced at your home, and wants to gain entry, STOP AND THINK!  Why are they here, is there a work order, and do they have an ID and contact information?  It is ALWAYS appropriate to slow down and call their alleged representatives for clarification.  Of course, if you have any doubt, CALL THE POLICE, we are here to help!



Chief Chris Perley

Jackson Police Department