Midterm Primary Election

Are you ready for the September 11th midterm primary election?  Are you sure?  TUESDAY, JUNE 5TH IS THE LAST DAY TO CHANGE YOUR PARTY AFFILIATION for the September election.  You can only take a ballot for the party with which you are registered.  If you are a registered as undeclared, you can choose which ballot you want at the polls.
The Supervisors of the checklist will be in session on June 5th from 7-7:30pm in the town office to accept your voter registration or change,  or you can fill out the paperwork with the town clerk and the supervisors will enter the information on June 5th
To confirm your parfty affiliation view the posted checklist in the town offices or go to the town web page at https://www.jackson-nh.org  Once there click on the Department heading and select Town Clerk/Tax Collector.  Now select Election & Voter information in the left column.  This will bring you to some good information about registering to vote and there is a link under Party information which takes you to the state database where you can confirm your party affiliation.
Don’t be caught unprepared on September 11th.  Act now to ensure you are able to vote the ticket you want.
Supervisors of the Checklist:  Bobbie Meserve, Fred Tompkins, Jeanette Heidmann with assistance from Betsey Harding & Joan Aubrey