Fireworks - July 1st

Good Morning Jackson!
     It is finally the summer season and our annual Fireworks Celebration is just around the corner!  So much fun, and such an iconic way to celebrate the birth of America.  Here in Jackson we will be entertained in the village with a fabulous display of fireworks at 9:00pm on July 1st.  This spectacle usually draws 3,000 people all concentrated in the Village Park area.  It’s a great place to eat, relax and enjoy the evening. 
     As with any public event, there are safety challenges for participants.  People, cars, evening skies, and revelry, can add up to some conflicts.  To avoid any downside to your perfect evening out, here are a few tried and true, Jackson PD safety tips;
  1. Bring a Small Flashlight.  This makes navigating back to your car so much safer.  Drivers will see you and your children better, you’ll be able to scan your area better for small items when you leave (lost keys and cell phones happen every year) and finding your car can be a challenge in the dark.  Even better, make sure everyone in your party has one!
  2. Park AWAY From The Action!    Here’s a “truism” about public events, the closer you park to the action, the longer you will wait to leave in your car.  Crowds, and especially vehicles, move from the margins first, then into the center.  If your at drop zero, you’ll be last to leave for sure.  Park within a reasonable walking distance of your destination and the time you kill walking back to your car, allows the crowd and the traffic to thin out.
  3. DO NOT Bring Sparklers or Fireworks to the Village.  This can be a dangerous practice in such close quarters.  Sparklers seem harmless but the remains are usually a white hot metal shard that can burn or puncture little feet.  Leave your “personal celebration” at home.
  4. Avoid Bringing your Pets.  The 4th of July is traditionally the scariest time for pets due to the fireworks.  Statistically, more dogs run away on the 4th of July than any other day of the year.  Leave your beloved family companion home, provide them with a pet calming environment, or even pet calming treats, and come down to the festivities.
  5. NO ALCOHOL.  It is a violation of town ordinances, and some state laws to drink in public.  Excessive alcohol consumption can also lead to injuries and aggressive behavior.  Nobody needs a “5th” on the “4th”, leave the booze at home.

     It is our pleasure to provide you with a safe and enjoyable experience on the 1st.  Following some of these simple tips can make sure you fully enjoy saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA” here in Jackson Village.
Chief Chris Perley
Jackson Police Department