Carter Notch Parking Woes - JPD Notice


Good Morning Jackson!
     I recently received word that we have a little bit of parking congestion in the area of the Woodchuck Fields cross country skiing parking area.  Oh the burden of popularity!  along with being such a wonderful destination for so many, we also endure a little bit of inconvenience as well.  To bring "order out of chaos", the Jackson Police Department has done the following;

  1.  Increased Signage in the Area of Woodchuck Fields.  We have placed 16 temporary NO PARKING signs, 8 on each side of the roadway, to alert motorists that parking in this area is prohibited.  The first complaint we usually receive during parking enforcement is "I didn't know!?!"  Now you know!
  2. Increased Patrol in the Area.  During the vacation weeks, we will be increasing visibility in the trouble area to ensure parking law compliance.
  3. Increased Enforcement.  If vehicles are found parking on the roadway or in such a manner as to impede safe travel, a $25.00 parking ticket will be issued. (OUCH!)

    It is our sincere hope that the increased signage and patrol in the area will be sufficient to solve the problem.  Here's looking forward to a safe and enjoyable February Vacation for all!
Chief Chris Perley
Jackson Police Department