5/1/2020 - Governor Sununu's Stay at Home Order 2.0

Governor Sununu extended the Stay at Home order to May 31, 2020. This includes some reopening guidelines for certain industries and is being called Stay at Home 2.0
For details on this new order please click on the links provided below:
Stay at Home 2.0 - Universal Guidelines for Employers & Employees
NH.GOV - View All Guidelines
For more details on the Re-openings for May 1 you can click on the links below:
Campgrounds (NH Residents and Members Only)
Manufacturing (Essential business)
State Parks (Beaches remain closed)
State Parks
Re-Openings for May 4, 2020
For clarification regarding Health Care, Public Health and Human Services, refer to
Appendix A of Emergency Order #17
Re-Openings for May 11, 2020
Barber Shops and Salons
Drive In Theaters
(NH Residents and Members only - Food and Beverage Restrictions, Club House use is prohibited)
(50% Capacity, use of PPE for employees along with Sanitation guidelines)
Re-Openings for May 18, 2020
Take out and limited (additional spacing) outdoor seating only