Recycled Items


Jackson has an active Recycling Program. The following items have a designated area for recycling. Please check with the attendant for location of proper bins.

Glass  - All food and beverage glass bottles and jars. Wash food residue out of all containers.

Aluminum cans – All beer and soda cans. Aluminum food tins are accepted separately. Make sure all containers are clean and empty.

Tin/Steel/Bi-metals cans and empty aerosol cans. -  Wash residue out of all containers.

Aseptic Containers – such as single serving juice boxes.

Plastics – All food beverage plastics with recycling numbers 1 & 2. These numbers may be found inside the chasing arrows. Please remove the caps to any containers and to rinse the containers.

Florescent Light Bulbs – All mercury containing devices must be removed and has to be kept separate. Ballasts are also to be removed and recycled separately.

Newspaper, office paper, computer paper/mixed paper & magazines are accepted separately.

 Corrugated cardboard – all boxes except cereal/detergent/pizza boxes. Flatten boxes.

Scrap metal – All metal items including car parts, appliances, metal roofing. We DO NOT accept whole cars.

Used Motor Oil – Please include only used motor oil. Oil in jugs or bottles only. Commercial generators should call about disposal. Please label “used oil for recycling”.

Motor Vehicle Batteries – All wet-cell batteries from cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. Use caution handling batteries. Place in designated area.

All Batteries – All batteries must be recycled.

Brush and Unpainted/Untreated Wood – Brush up to 5” in diameter and unpainted/untreated lumber. Materials may be taken to the brush burning area only after checking with attendant.

Leaf & Yard Waste Clean – empty all containers and bags.

Household Hazardous Waste (Including oil based paints, oven cleaners, insecticides, herbicides, solvents, and other poisons) are NOT accepted at the facility during the year. Bartlett/Jackson residents are eligible to participate annually in a Household Hazardous Waste collection day. Please store materials safely at your home until collection day.